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Biographical information
  • Dead
  • Sled dog


  • Male
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Other information
Cause of death

head break with axe.

Killed by


First seen

Chapter II: The Law of Club and Fang

Last seen

Chapter V: The Toil of Trace and Trail


Billee was one of sleddogs and brother of Joe.

Character History

Joining Sled Team

Billee joined with his brother Joe, joined Francois and Perrault sled team. Soon it was reveal, that they both are oppunite twins, because Billie was friend and Joe was stern. When Spitz attacked him, Billee starts to wag it tail, but this gest wasn't availed and soon, Billie feel sharp Spitz teeth. During the night, Billee sleep in snow, this teaches Buck to make bed in snow.

During their trip, Billee with other dogs were attacked by wild huskies. And when dogs attacked Billee, he only manage to cry, when other dogs manage to fight wild dogs. Soon Billee and other dogs manage to escape from wild dogs, but his ear was chewed and rent to ribbons.

Soon after, Buck start show aggression toward Spitz, what other dogs have never done. Billee doesn't afraided Spitz anymore. Later, he watched how Buck and Spitz fight and when Spitz fall on the ground Billee and other dogs eat him.

Later, Billee with other dogs were sold to A Scotch Half-Breed, because Francois and Perrault get job somewhere else. And when Half-Breed become they owner, Billee get to work more harder, because he needed pull bag with mail. And when Billee starts to sleep, he only can cry and whimper in his sleep, because of hard work. Later Billee and other dogs watched how A Scotch Half-Breed shoot sick Dave, because Dave couldn't work anymore.


When Billee owners become Hal, Charles and Mercedes. Who put a lot of necessary things on sled and it was hard to Billee and other dogs to pull. Later Billee was overfeed by food, and later underfeed when food run out. Later Hal buy Billee and other dogs frozen horse-hide, but this was really bad food. Later, Billee fell on the ground, because he can't pull anymore, Hal smashed his head with axe.