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Biographical information
  • Dead
  • Dog musher


  • Male
Family information
Family Members
Other information
Cause of death
  • Drown in lake
Killed by
  • indirectly by Hal
First seen

Chapter V: The Toil of Trace and Trail

Last seen

Chapter V: The Toil of Trace and Trail


Charles is husband of Mercedes and Hal brother-in-law.

Character History

Sled Them

Charles goes along with Hal, buys Buck and others dogs from A Scotch Half-Breed, who needs new dogs. Later he with Hal, other dogs bring to their camps, where tent is half stretched, dishes unwashed, every thing in disorded. He also meet with his wife Mercedes.


Charles try to put all things on sled, but every time, he puts everything on sled, his wife finds that it's not good and he goes along with Hal,he needs to unpack sleds, and when they forget somethings on the ground, he needs to unpack it again, to get those things and it takes long time for him and others finally to pack sleds. One of mans ask them, if they think that sleds will ride, but Charles starts to say that it will ride. Later when sleds are broken out of ice, he and Hal, get ride out of Mercedes clothes and other things. Charles also sees how Mercedes act as spoiled child, when he and Hal drop some of her things on snow. Later, he goes along with Hal and buys 7 news dogs. Making a team of 14 dogs now.

When the trip starts, Charles and others travelers only 1/4 out way, when they noticed that food almost run out. During trip Charles starts argument with Hal, who does more of the job. Later, when Mercedes insists to ride on sleds, Charles and Hal, drop her on snow and insist her to walk. But she doesn't move out of way, and when he and Hal travel 3 miles, they need to return and put Mercedes on sleds.


Charles,goes along with others to get to John Thornton camp. Where Thornton say that it's not good to go on ice, but Charles and others don't listen him. Soon, Charles sees how Hal beats Buck and soon he sees how Thornton attacks Hal, but Charles doesn't go to fight. Few seconds later, he sees how Thornton cuts Buck out of sled. And he soon with his wife, brother-in-law and other dogs go on ice road that leads to Dawson City. But soon ice breaks, Charles trys to run away, but he doesn't manage to escape, and with others drown in lake. John Thortonn and Buck is only one who see his and other fates.