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  • Dead
  • Sled Dog


  • Male
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Killed by

A Scotch Half-Breed

First seen

Chapter I: Into the Primitive

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Chapter IV: Who Has Won to Mastership


Dave was a supporting character from chapter 2 to 4. He was an experienced sled dog whose work meant a lot to him and preferred to be left alone.

Character History

Going to Yukon

Dave, along with Spitz, joined Curly and Buck in ship on a mysterious ride. Like others, Dave became a sled dog of Perrault and Francois. Dave liked to be left alone.

When Buck was tied to harness, Dave nipped him every time he made a mistake. When new dogs joined to the team, Dave didn't care about them. Dave also seemed concerned about his work and strived to do it to the best of his ability.

One night, when wild huskies attacked camp, Dave and Sol-leks joined others to fight them off. However, they were both injured and needed to escape.

When Buck began to show leadership and other dogs started resent and actively revolt against Spitz, Dave didn't bother to change much, even with the inevitable fight between Buck and Spitz on the horizon. One night, Dave, his fellow sled dogs, and police dogs started chasing a rabbit. Soon, the rabbit chase turned into a fight between Buck and Spitz. When Spitz fell onto the ground, Dave and the other dogs killed him.

After Buck became the leader of the sled dogs, Dave, like Sol-leks, wasn't affected by it. Soon Dave and some other dogs were sold to A Scotch Half-Breed since their previous masters got a new job somewhere else.

Life for Work

Working for a Half-Breed, Dave and other dogs worked very hard because they needed to pull much of the mail. However, Dave's health became worse and worse, and sometimes when the dogs stopped to rest, Dave fell on ground and wouldn't get up until the morning after. Once, Dave was left behind of the sled, and Sol-lek was put in his place. Dave started to attack Sol-leks. The Half-Breed didn't attempt to fight Dave, since all he wanted was to return to his place in the harness.


The next morning, Dave was too weak to get up. The Scotch Half-Breed drove away with the other sled dogs, and took a shotgun to return to Dave and shoot him to end his misery.