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Biographical information
  • Dead
  • Sled dog


  • Male
Family information
Family Members


Other information
Cause of death

drown in lake

Killed by

indirectly Hal

First seen

Chapter II: The Law of Club and Fang

Last seen

Chapter V: The Toil of Trace and Trail


Joe was one of sleddogs and stern brother of Billee.

Character History

With Sled Team

Joe along with his brother Billee, joined Perrault and Francois sled team. But unlike his friendly brother, Joe was sour. And when Spitz attacked him, Joe never give up, until Spitz left him alone.

Once when camping, team was attacked by wild huskies. Joe manage fight angry dogs, but lost one eye in process.

When Buck started show leadership and go against Spitz, Joe with help of Dub one night attacked Spitz. Some time later, Joe and his teams dogs started chase rabbit, when Perrault and Francois stomped to make camp. During the chase, dogs from police camp also started chase rabbit. But soon Joe and other dogs started to watch how Spitz and Buck fight and when Spitz fell on ground, Joe and other dogs attacked him and killed him.

Soon after that Joe owner become A Scotch Half-Breed, when Francois and Perrault get job somewhere else. Working for Half-Breed to Joe was hard, like to others dogs, because Joe needed pull heavy weight of mail. After long travelling, one morning Joe see how A Scotch Half-Breed, shoot Dave, because Dave can't pull sleds anymore.

Inexperience Owners

Joe like other dogs was sold to Hal, Charles and Mercedes, because Half-Breed needed new dogs. Those three turn out by clueless and insist Joe and other dogs to pull they heavy sleds loaded with useless stuff. Later Joe was overfeed and when food run underfeed. Later Joe supposted to pull Mercedes, because she was tired to walk.


Sometime later, Joe was one of 5 dogs that survived. He,other dogs and his master reach John Thornton camp. After few seconds, Joe saw how John Thornton take Buck away. That Hal insist him and other dogs to pull. So Joe and other dogs start pull. But when they reach ice it break and Joe, along with other dogs and careless owners drown inlake.

After Death

Buck later remember Joe, when he meet Wolf and do something, that huskies do to protect itselfs.