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  • Dead
  • prospector


  • Male
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Cause of death

shoot with arrow.

Killed by


First seen

Chapter VI: For the Love of a Man

Last seen

Chapter VII: The Sounding of the Call


Pete was good friend with John Thornton and Hans

Character History

Pete and his friend Hans to with raft, that Thornton and his dogs was waiting for him.

Later, Pete like and Hans was surprised by Buck royalte to John Thornton, when John Thornton ordered Buck jump from rock, but thankfully Thornton stopped Buck from jumping.

During spring, when Johnn Thornton fell in river, Pete along with Hans tied rope around Buck which who they pulled Thornton from river.

Later, Pete along with Hans helped John Thornton to get money for his bet with Matthewson. And when Thornton win 1600, Pete along with Hans, Thornton and Thornton's dogs Bucks and other dogs when to looking for lost gold mine, after Thornton win 1600 dollars.

Sometime, later Pete like his two friends was surprised by Buck who marched out of they camp.


Pete later was killed by Yeehats Indians. Buck found his body in blanket.