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Biographical information
  • Dead
  • sleddog


  • Male
Family information
Other information
Cause of death
  • Drown in lake
Killed by

indirectly by Hal

First seen

Chapter II: The Law of Club and Fang

Last seen

Chapter V: The Toil of Trace and Trail


Pike was a sneaky sled dog, secretly stealing food from the sled drivers among other things.

Character History

Sled team

Pike joined Francois and Perrault to the team later, with 2 others dogs Dolly and Dub and soon he started steal food from his owners. Seeing how Pike steal, Buck also learned how to steal.

During one of the night stops, Pike and other dogs were attacked by wild huskies.

When Buck started show leadership skills and doesn't afraided Spitz, Pike started steal from Spitz, he has never stolen from Spitz before. Pike likes and other dogs he understood that fight between Spitz and Buck is coming and he was right, when he, his team dogs and dogs from police team started chase rabbit, he and all dogs saw how Buck and Spitz get in fight. And when Spitz fell on the ground, he and other dogs teared him apart.

When Buck becomes leader of sled dogs, Pike becomes more active and helpfull member of team. But soon his and other owner become A Scotch Half-Breed, when Francois and Perrault get job somewhere else. Working for Half-Breed was hard not only for Pike, but for other dogs too, because they supposted pull sleds with big weight of mail. Pike later with other dogs watch how A Scotch Half-Breed shoot Dave, who was sick and couldn't pull sled anymore.


After Half-Breed needed new dogs, Pike and other dogs were sold to Hal, Charles and Mercedes. Who showed to by clueless members, first of all they overfeed him, that underfeed. After almost all his new owners dogs dies, he was one of 5 dogs survived. During one of they trip days, he pull sleds to John Thornton camp, where he saw how Thornton rescues Buck. Pike and other dogs continue pull sleds, but soon they get on ice road the ice break and Pike with other 3 dogs and his owners drown in lake.