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Biographical information
  • Dead
  • Sled dog


  • Male
Family information
Other information
Cause of death

Drowned in a ice hole/ hypothermia/frostbite

Killed by

indirectly by Hal

First seen

Chapter II: The Law of Club and Fang

Last seen

Chapter V: The Toil of Trace and Trail


Sol-leks is a supporting character from chapters 2 to 5. He is a dog who is blind in one eye, and doesn't like it when people or dogs approach him from his blind side. His name means "Angry One", and similarly to another dog, Dave, Sol-leks prefers to be left alone.

Character History

In Team

Sol-leks joins the team on the night when Buck gets to Alaska. It appears that Sol-leks likes to be left alone, and so every dog does their best not to bother him, including Spitz. Sol-leks is blind in one eye and does not like to be approached on his blind side. Buck discovers this the hard way when he walks past Sol-leks on the wrong side. When this happens, Sol-Leks attacks Buck and Buck makes sure to avoid doing this again.

During one of they trip, Sol-leks and other dogs were attacked by wild huskies. But Sol-leks manage to escape, but wild dogs leave him with wounds.

When Buck starts to show leadership skills and other dogs start go again Spitz, Sol-leks and Dave weren't effected of that. But Sol-leks, likes everyone else understand that fight between Buck and Spitz is coming. So when Sol-leks and other dogs(including dogs from police camp) started chasing rabbit, during one of they stops. But soon Sol-leks and other dogs see how Buck and Spitz start fight, and when Buck falls on the ground, Sol-leks and others start cycle to Buck, like wanting tear him apart. But soon he sees how, Buck kills Spitz. And when Spitz falls on the ground, Sol-leks and other dogs eat him.

During next day, Francois who noticed that Spitz is missing what he wanted to do, Sol-leks leads the dog. But Sol-leks was afraid of Buck. And Sol-leks was left in his position, while Buck was made the lead dog. But Sol-leks doesn't carred about that.

Soon he and other dogs, weres bought by A Scotch Half-Breed, when Francois and Perrault get new job. But with Half-Breed, was hard Sol-leks to work. Because he and other dogs needed to pull sleds loaded with mail. During they trip, Sol-leks take Dave position on sleds when Dave become sick, but Dave attacked him. Next day Sol-leks like other dogs see how Half-Breed shoot Dave, because Dave can't pull sleds anymore.


Later after 30 days of travelling, Sol-leks and other dogs were sold to Hal, Charles and Mercedes, because A Scotch Half-Breed needed new dogs. New owners threat Sol-leks and other dogs poorly first of all they overfeed him, that underfeed. Also he supposted pull all they useless things and later Mercedes, who can't walk anymore and want to ride on sleds. And where there only 5 dogs left alive. Sol-leks get to John Thornton camp, where he sees that Buck is rescued by Thornton. But Sol-leks and other 3 dogs were left with inexperience owners, who lead him and other dogs on ice road. When they walk on ice road it breaks, and Sol-leks with other dogs and owners drown in lake.