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Biographical information
  • Dead
  • Sleddog


  • Male
Family information
Other information
Cause of death
  • Drown in lake
Killed by

indirectly Hal

First seen

Chapter IV: Who Has Won to Mastership

Last seen

Chapter V: The Toil of Trace and Trail


Teek was sleddog who travels with another husky Koona joined sled team.

Character History

Joining Team

Teek along with Koona joined Perrault and Francois sled team. Before they were sold to A Scotch Half-Breed.

Teek like other dogs was hardly working for Half-Breed, because they needed to pull heavy sled with mail.

Teek and other dogs later watched how Half-Breed shoot Dave, who was sick and could'n pull sleds anymore.

After several months he and other dogs were sold to Hal, Charles and Mercedes. Who treated him poorly, first overfeed and that underfeed him. Teek also needed pull their heavy sleds with all useless things they could bring in Alaska.


After several days or weeks working for trio, Teek become one of 5 dogs to survive. Teek and other dogs later come to John Thornton camp, where Teek watch how Thornton take Buck away. Later he and other 3 dogs pull sled, but sled is drove on ice, who breaks and he, with his other teammates and inexperience owners fell insade lake and dies.