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  • Some of them dead/some alive


  • Male
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throat ripped.

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Chapter VII: The Sounding of the Call

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Chapter VII: The Sounding of the Call


The Yeehats were an Indian tribe who murdered John Thornton and his friends. But some of them, were killed by Buck, survivors named Buck a "Ghost Dog" and "Evil Spirit".

Character History

Killing Thorton

Yeehats attacked Thornton camp and killed Thornton, his friends Hans and Pete and dogs Skeet and Nig.

After doing this they all start a dance around the wreckage, until the chief was attacked by Buck who ripped his throat. Yeehats start to shoot at Buck with arrows, but Buck was so fast that Indians shoot each other in prosses and they some throats was ripped.. Another indian with a spear try shoot Buck, but accidentaly shoots his friends. Scared by Buck they run away, calling him the Evil Spirit.

Legend of Ghost Dog

Some time later, Yeehats start notice changes between wolves. They also start tell about Ghost Dog that lead wolf pack and about one place in valley that nobody of Yeehats will never enter, because there live that Ghost Dog who kill their hunters and warriors.